rachel, jacob & lydia | Maui lifestyle photographer

The first time I met my friend Rachel, I knew we'd be friends. What I didn't know, was that she would become one of the kindest, most genuine person in my life! If you are privileged enough to know her, then I know you feel the same. Also, she has gorgeous kids [see below]. This session gave me a break from life to spend a breezy evening at the beach remembering why I love being a lifestyle photographer. I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Rach - thank you for inspiring me in countless ways. The world is a far better place with you in it <3

Dylan & Mason | Maui Lifestyle Photographer

This lifestyle session involved my camera, these handsome brothers, and a gorgeous sunny morning where I got to drink some bubble tea and catch up with my very dear friend. By the time I left, work and play were indistinguishable. (How's that for a life goal?) A year ago, I photographed this amazing family when Mason was born. That precious bundle has changed quite a bit in one year :)

If you would like me to document your life at home for an hour or two one day, please contact me! We can sit and chat and observe your children being just themselves in the haven of their home on an extraordinary, ordinary day. I'll even bring some tea :)

The next Ralph Lauren model - and cuter than any I've ever seen! :)

grayson & ohana | Maui lifestyle photographer

Let me introduce you to the easiest toddler I have ever photographed. Meet Grayson, his contagious smile and his awesome family. My friend Sarah wanted a session to remember their time on this beautiful island, and as an added bonus, her parents were visiting! [Extremely strong] gusts of wind (thanks a lot Maui) didn't stop this family from enjoying a sweet, fun-filled sunset on the beach and boardwalk. Sarah, it's been wonderful getting to know you. It was a privilege to help create these beautiful images. I wish you all the very best!